Theory X 6

He climbed down from the tricycle and paid the driver. He adjusted the peak on his cap to cover his face properly. He sighted Jamil leaning on an electrical pole. Hillary had called him earlier to meet him at their current location. He walked past and signaled to him. Jamil allowed him to walk for... Continue Reading →


Theory X 5

He came out of the cinema to answer a call and noticed two hefty men standing on a corner looking at him and saying something to each other. He stared at them as he talked to the person on the other end of the line. He finished the call and put the phone in his... Continue Reading →

Theory X 4

Hillary was in the office working when the door opened and his boss entered. He took his eyes away from the system and looked at his boss who stood few inches away from the door, hands in the pocket. He removed the glass on his eyed and stood up immediately, adjusting his shirt. "Good afternoon... Continue Reading →


It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, I had gone to a beauty salon earlier to have my fingers manicured. When I came back home, the house was empty; my mum and siblings had gone out to the movies. I warmed the jollof rice, ate, showered and laid on the bed. I took my phone from... Continue Reading →

Theory X 3

Monday came fast. Hillary arrived at the office early as usual and did some little work then plugged the earphone into the phone port and put it in his ear. He relaxed back on the brown leather chair and crossed his legs, with hands locked behind his head. He closed his eyes as he enjoys... Continue Reading →

Theory X 2

TWO MONTHS AGO. The alarm clock sitting on top of the drawer buzzed again for the third time. He slowly opened his eyelids, stretched his hand towards the clock and pressed a button, stopping it. He sat up and sluggishly crept out of bed then shuffled to the bathroom. He turned on the light and... Continue Reading →

Theory X 1

Blinding lightning flashed in the sky, followed by deafening thunder; it was raining heavily. The nurses ran around, closing the windows of wards to prevent rain from getting to the patients. The entrance door burst open and a tall, slender man came in. He was soaked in rain and had his hands over his stomach.... Continue Reading →

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